Fall / Winter / Spring

Commercial Snow Plowing

It’s important to keep areas clear of snow throughout the winter season. We are fully prepared to have those areas are cleared, salted, and safe for employees and customers to access your property with the use of the appropriate equipment.

Snow Removal & Hauling

As the winter season progresses, accumulation of snow will take up valuable space and can cause visibility issues for employees and customers. We have snow moving and hauling equipment ready and available for snow relocation in and from parking lots.

Snow Removal
Anti-Icing and De-Icing

Anti-Icing & De-Icing Services

American Pavement Maintenance can keep your property safe with ice control treatments before, during and after the storm. Our trucks have ice melt available throughout the winter months for ice removal or to melt small accumulations of snow on your parking lot and walkways.

Salt & Brine Bulk Sales

All of our salt brine mixes are made in-house. We have enhanced hot mixes available for greater demand in colder temperatures. Contact us for current availability and pricing.

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